Celebrate Durham 


February 27, 2019




Bryan Bessett from the Freedom Cafe reported on his event Can People , Planet, and Profit Coexist. He was very impressed the Hannaford speaker and the impact that cooperate choices can have on suppliers business practices .   


 The UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise moderated a panel that included representatives from Timberland, Hannaford, Equal Exchange, and a law firm from Manchester.  The afternoon event at the MUB was well attended . The Freedom Cafe also hosted an evening networking event. One local company has made a change in their procurement because of Freedom Cafe’s endeavors.


The next Joint Networking Event with Newmarket and Barrington will be in Barrington on April 18 from 5-7 at Nippo Lake Golf Club.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and invite others.


Celebrate is responsible for the next one. We are thinking June would be a good time frame

    We will be reaching out to local restaurants to find a host. Some suggestions were :

 Hop & Grind or Bella’s maybe Youngs . Steve will talk to Bellas which is the preferred venue.



Farmers Market

Sammy Market lot has been approved by the town and Seacoast Growers.  Begins in June. 

How can we advertise downtown businesses at the Market ?  Molly and Sarah, Amy, Petra, Heidi will plan it out .



Freshman orientation 

We began thinking on what we would like to see this year

There was some discussion about how to improve on a rather hectic event to better engage with the students and their parents . Some suggestions were :


Virtual tour of the town  

Switch up the walking tours that UNH gives .. push the town 

Power point presentation


Next week we will be focusing on sub committees 

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