Celebrate Durham Weekly Meeting

February 6 2019

Durham Town Hall 



The following businesses were in attendance:


Freedom Cafe

 Edward Jones 

Service Credit Union 

Hayden Sports 


Growing Places 

Van Claus

The Main Street Makery 

Even Better Now 

Amy’s Frames 

Wildcat fitness 

Federal Savings Bank

Town of Durham 



Bryan form Freedom Cafe updated the group on his event Can People, Planet & Profit Coexist? Forced Labor & Global Supply Chains.   The event is February 19 and includes a panel discussion at the Granite State Room MUB 12:40 -2:00 pm, and a networking seminar at the Freedom Cafe 5-7pm. Registration for the event can be accessed through the Freedom Cafe website.  This event will be in lieu of the regular weekly Celebrate Durham meeting 


Ken Entz from Wild Cat Fitness 

Updated the group on his support of the upcoming race 

Marinas Miles  on April 6.  Wild Cat Fitness will give local businesses Marina’s Miles T-shirts to have employees wear to promote event.  The idea  is to flood the downtown with a visual about the event right before the race.  He wants to encourage more UNH students to participate.  It is $25 to register before the race and $30 on race day. 


Sarah Grandy from The Main Street Makery updated the group on her efforts to gain Town support for the use of Sammy’s lot for the Farmers Market . She has a letter written up and passed it around for all to sign. 


There was also discussion about the following idea :

 *Celebrate Durham Passport Book 

 * UNH appreciation Concept 


 There was some discussion about how to get the University more involved with downtown.



Amy updated the group that the weekly newsletter would instead be monthly with agenda and brief minutes of the meeting being posted on line weekly.  



Jonathan Millett from Service Credit Union updated the group on their recent event 

White out at the Whit .  12  businesses participated. 


Kristian Forselius updated the group on Human Library March 23 more   

information can be seen on facebook New Hampshire Human Library. She also updated the group on the upcoming  Safe Zone training.  She will have more information at future meetings.


Sally updated the group on the Joint Meet and Greet at the Stone  Church February 29

It was very successful and well attended . The next one will be hosted by The New Greater Barrington Chamber. 


Sarah and James updated the group on the upcoming event  Galantines Day February 13 . This is hosted by The Main Street Makery, Even Better Now and Van Claus .  There is a $20 entrance fee.  See facebook event for sign up and info.  


James updated the group on the following  Even Better Now  events:

Adult gaming 

Trivia Night at Three Chimneys 

Escape Valentine’s Day ( see their facebook page for info ) 

See their website for more information 


The group was reminded of the upcoming event : UNH Slow Foods Farmers Market at the MUB. The event was shared on our Facebook page 


Next meeting will be February 13 at the town hall 

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