Celebrate Durham Minutes

March 13

Durham Town Hall

9:00 am 


 Town Councilor Al Howland 


1. At the next Economic Development Committee the group will be meeting with Sarah Wrightsman Executive Director at  Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast . 


2. The Committee will then  go into non public session to interview 2 candidates for the Economic Development  position 


3. He also added that there  is one regular position and one alternate open on the Committee and encouraged members of Celebrate to consider joining.


4. The Website has a new blog coming up on college prep and options. 



Jonathan Millett Service Federal Credit Union


Will be hosting a networking event May 2  at UNH 


 Sally Tobias Town Council 


1. Reminded the group about the shared event April 24 with 

The Greater Barrington Chamber and The Newmarket Business Association 

From 5-7 at the Nippo Lake Golf Club , 88 Stagecoach Rd. Barrington 

We need to invite and spread the word.


2. Durham will be hosting their shared event in June 

Date not yet set. Steve Bouchard from Hannaford will be reaching out to Bellas about this. 


Kristin Forselius Community Church 


1. Safe zone training 

March 27 8:30 AM at Community Church. Will be held in place of the regular weekly meeting. 

Kristin will send more info out later so that the event can be posted to facebook. 

The training is to raise public awareness and responsiveness to differing types of identities in Durham.  Hannaford will be providing food for this. 



2. Human library 

See website to sign up.  March 23 from 1 to 4 PM at the high school library.

Human Library nh.org


Roger Hayden 

Do to poor sales they will be shutting down the Outback Gift section of the store 

50% off sale is now going on.  Not sure what they will do with the space probably fill in with Hayden Sports merchandise 


Ken Entz from Wild Cat Fitness 


The Fitness Center is sponsoring  Marina’s  Miles April 6th.  They are still handing out T shirts to businesses to wear and get photos to promote the race on social media. 

Will be passing out the shirts to fill the town with them to promote the event. 

He has cards , poster and shirts free so contact him if you want to be involved 

If you show up on race day in your pjs,  it is $15 to race. 



Al Howland 

The minutes to the weekly Celebrate Meetings  are now posted on the website 


Be sure to join the Facebook  Group as well 



Sarah Grandy The Main Street Makery 


1.Yarn Blooming is coming up 

Has been sponsored by Womenade in the past, but they are stepping down.  She is looking for another partner. Celebrate Durham is a perfect fit to partner with her and supports the idea. 

We can use it to raise awareness about Celebrate Durham.  It also coincides with pride month.  Quotes can be added to pieces. 

Kristin Forselius 


Pride month ideas for June There will be some training on Gender pronouns and awareness 

Rainbow heart garlands... want businesses to hang in their windows 

Kristin has requested the town put up welcome banners 



Molly Hollister Even Better Now 


Thinking up ideas to encourage people to carry it on through out the year 

 We can partner with yarn blooming. Sarah will be putting the yarn blooming out to the events committee. 



Sarah and Molly 


Next week meeting start  the meeting with Subcommittees meeting then go into the full meeting. 



Riverwoods activity event is coming up in June 

will be contacting local groups and businesses that may want to participate




1. New committee to promote better communication between the town, UNH Administration , UNH students. He and Sally will be part of this new group that will be meeting twice a semester 

They  will be reporting to the Council at the next meeting about this 


2. Freshman orientation 

How can Celebrate do it better digitally? Sally and Al will be meeting with UNH to discuss various options about how to best promote the town during orientation . 

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