Things You Should Know About Off-Campus Housing

What Are Your Options?

Many UNH students choose off-campus housing as their preferred residency option.  The choices range from large complexes close to campus to apartments in residents' houses.  

When thinking about off-campus housing, your starting point should be to look at what's available.  UNH has formed a partnership with, and  their site has current Durham apartment listings. It also allows you to post free sublet ads and roommate profiles.  You'll find the same features at  The Durham Landlord Association's website provides direct links to local landlords' websites.

What You Should Know About a Lease?

  • A lease is a legally binding document. Make sure you read and understand its terms.


  • Most leases are for 12 months.  Start and ending dates vary.  Some run the first day of June to the end of May, and others start in August and end in July.


  • You'll need to make a security deposit, and, depending on your financial status, might need your parents or guardian to cosign.


  • Check to see if utilities, heat, and cable are included in the rent.


  • Landlords have apartment rules.  Make sure you read and understand them.  Here is a good  example.

  • If you're planing on having a car, ask if parking is available. Some apartments have access to spots at an additional cost.


  • Many apartments have  individual leases for each bedroom, but some might have an individual responsible for the entire apartment lease.  

  • You're likely to have multiple roommates and will be bound together for a year. Choose your roommates wisely.

  • Since you will most likely have the apartment during the summer, ask about subletting. Landlords can give helpful advice.

Fines to Avoid

  • Town parking enforcement occurs Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM through 8:00 PM, and Saturday 10:00 AM through 4:00 PM.   Sundays and holidays are excepted.


  • All parking on Town spaces requires you to display a ticket printed from a parking kiosk.  The ticket must be displayed on your car's interior dashboard.


  • Downtown areas have a 2 hour limit.  The first hour is free, and the 2nd hour is $1.00.

  • Mill Plaza is a private parking lot, reserved for customers and permit holders.  They actively monitor the lot, and  boot cars that violate their parking policy.

  • A winter parking ban takes effect from November 1st through April 1st. No vehicle may be parked on any Durham road or Town-owned parking lot between the hours of 1AM and 6AM.  The overnight parking ban applies year round in posted areas downtown.

  • The Durham Fire Department inspects all rental properties to ensure they comply with fire codes.

  • During your lease, many landlords inspect the apartment, and check that smoke detectors are not covered and are in working order.

  • The terms of your lease allow landlords to fine you for tampering or covering smoke detectors.

Town Rules You Should Know

  • A major frustration of residents in the downtown neighborhoods is noise and trash at student apartments.


  • Durham has a Noise Ordinance that is in effect  from 10PM to 7AM, seven days per week.  You can find the ordinance's details here​.

  • The Town recently hired a part time code enforcement officer to handle trash complaints.  To avoid fines,  you should read the Trash Ordinance.

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