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Orchard Drive Woods Acquisition Gift Form

A citizens' project to enhance Durham's greenbelt and improve pedestrian and bicycle access in the town

Contributor Information

I enclose a one-time donation of $2500___ , $1000___ , Other $______

Any amount will be appreciated and will show your support for the projects.

Please check on of the two options below to indicate your preference:

____  Credit the following for this donation.

____ Credit "Anonymous" for this donation.

  • Please make checks payable to Orchard Drive Woods Acquisition Trust

  • Mail or deliver your check and this signed form to: Town of Durham, 8 Newmarket Road, Durham, NH 03824

  • Contributions to the Orchard Woods Drive Acquisition are deemed charitable donations under section 501 (a)

       of the Internal Revenue Service code.

  • For more information about donations, please contact Durham's Business Office, Deb Ahlstrom: 603-868-8043,

  • For more information about the project, please contact committee chair, Dennis Meadows: 603-397-7442,

  • If your employer matches donations, please provide the organization's name below and we will follow up


Authorization to Expend Principal and Interest 

I authorize the Town to use this gift, including both principal and interest, to purchase the 25-acre Orchard Drive Woods. I understand funds raised in excess of the cost of the acquisition will be transferred to the Durham Town Land Stewardship Patrons Trust.

Donor Signature:____________________________________________________________________________________________
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