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Durham Public Parking
main street parking.jpg
Main Street Short Term Parking

Parking is challenge for every community, and Durham's demographics make it particularly difficult.   The Central Business District has three main three parking categories- short term, long term, and business permit.    To help make this more user-friendly,  let's look at each category.       

Short Term Parking
Short Parking in The Central Business District Loop

The Town of Durham's goal is to provide adequate parking for business customers in high traffic areas.  To achieve this, parking in these areas is limited to 2 hours.   In the map above,  short term parking locations are highlighted in green and include street parking around the one-way loop and #7 Sammy's Lot and #4A North Pettee Brook lot.  Lot 4B is for business permit parking only. These areas use "pay and display" and require a printed ticket from a parking kiosk to be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle

Paid parking hours are 8AM-8PM Monday through Friday and 10AM-4PM Saturdays. Sundays and holidays are excepted.  

Long Term Parking
Long Term Downtown Parking

Long term parking is highlighted in blue and includes street parking on Garrison Avenue, Madbury Avenue, and Main Street. Paid parking hours are Monday through Friday 8AM-8PM, and Saturdays 10AM-4PM.  Just like the short term parking, it uses pay and display.  

Business Parking
Business Permit Parking Locations

One year business permits can be purchased at the Durham Police Department at a cost of $125.  Available spots are highlighted in purple on the map and include Pettee Brooks lots 4A, 4B, and street parking.  Parking hours are from 6AM-12AM daily.

Another business permit option not shown on this map is the Depot Road Lot.  It is located behind the Whittemore Center Arena. 

You can find a  complete parking master fee structure schedule at the Durham Police Department site.

Mill Plaza Lot
Colonial Associates Mill Plaza Parking

Mill Plaza located on  Mill Road is home to Hannaford Supermarket, Rite Aid, Wildcat Fitness, and a variety of businesses.  It has a big parking lot that is conveniently located next to downtown but is a private lot reserved for short term customer parking.  Problems arise when people mistake this as free long term parking.   Management actively monitors the lot and will boot cars that abuse their short term policy.   If your visiting Durham or and are parking for the day,  please use either UNH or Town managed public parking.


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