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What's Happening at the MUB?


If you're thinking of going to the movies or attending a lecture series, what are your options? Portsmouth Music Hall, Regal Cinema, and BarnZ's come to mind, but what does Durham have to offer? One option you may have overlooked is UNH's Memorial Union and Student Activities Building on 83 Main Street.

No need to worry about where to park. The Campus Crossing lot offers convenient parking on Mill Road, and it's a short walk up to the MUB.

Movies at the MUB

On the third floor, you'll find the ticket office and entrance to the two theaters. Unlike the old lecture halls used in my college days,

both theaters have comfortable stadium seating and use digital projectors that can show 3D movies. As you would expect, they are also equipped with great sound systems.

Tickets are 6 dollars for adults and 4 dollars for children under 12. Reusable 3D glasses, if applicable, can be purchased for 2 dollars. Tickets go on sale one hour before the show, or you can purchase them online at Looking over the upcoming movie schedule, potential best picture nominees Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, and The Florida Project are playing in February.

You can't have a real movie theater without a concession stand. The Notch is located next to the box office and sells popcorn, candy, and drinks. When is the last time you paid 2 dollars for popcorn at the movies?

Current Issues Lecture Series and Cultural Connections

Each semester UNH hosts a Cultural Connections lecture series that highlights the world beyond Durham. This fall's series included talks on surviving a road trip in Vietnam, raising a child in Iran, and one called "The Big Fat Bengali Wedding."

The MUB also hosts a current issues lectures series. This past semester the series included talks on fake news, going undercover in North Korea, and the defamation experience. Both the Cultural Connections and current issues lectures are free.


Since it is winter in New Hampshire, what does the MUB have to offer when the weather is horrible? As long as you have power, the answer could be to listen to WUNH on you radio. Located on the first floor of the MUB, the Free Waves is a student run radio station. They play everything from bluegrass to jazz.

You can find a schedule of DJs and their playlist at the WUNH website. I'm a big fan of Jill's show on Tuesdays. Interested in becoming a DJ or working at the station? They provide training to community members interested in all aspects of running the station.

Events Calendar and Tickets

Here's a picture from one of the many activities recently held at the MUB for the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend. The winter's famers market is there, too. Honestly, I've just scratched the surface of the wide range of events that occur at the MUB. In order to get a complete picture, look at either the events calendar app or the online ticket site. You can also check the Celebrate Durham Facebook page. Stay warm and enjoy the MUB.

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