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Summer's End Studios: The Art of Ink on Skin

In the past, tattoos were seen as something unique to the domain of sailers and bikers. The works lacked color and were often crudely drawn. Recently, that image has undergone a tremendous transformation as artists have used their talents to highlight a dazzling array of styles, creating amazing pieces. Benjamin and Lynn Jennes at Summer's End Studios, located at 12 Jenkins Court, are great examples of this trend.

When you walk into the store, the first thing you'll notice is their drawings. Surrounding their work area, they have a gallery of custom stencils from their projects. It gives you insight into their style and gives you confidence that they produce incredible work.

Benjamin attended Montserrat College of Art and majored in graphic design and fine

arts. After designing books and a stint at advertising and marketing upscale housing, he reached a turning point during the financial crisis. He decided to reinvent himself and began a tattoo apprenticeship. The year-long process involved learning how to transfer his skill of drawing on a flat surface to working on the three-dimensional surfaces of the body. Initially, training occurs on pieces of fruit and finally moves on to skin. Over time, he has developed a graphic-rich dot work styling and creates remarkable Mandala designs.

Lynn was an illustration major at Syracuse University and spend years focusing on anatomy, gesture, and dynamic motion. After designing kitchens, she found herself pulled towards the creativity of tattoos. and entered the long apprenticeship process. She works with her clients to develop pieces that tells a visual story. As you would expect from an illustrator, her designs are colorful and precise. If you're interested in pinups, she's an expert.

The primary focus of Summer's End Studio is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, and creative environment for their customers. When prospective clients come in, the starting point is to sit down and talk with Benjamin and Lynn. They begin by getting a feel for the content, style and cost of the project. They have a wealth of knowledge about tattoos and want to ensure that their style matches your vision. During this initial visit , they give advice on scale and location of the tattoo. The idea is then turned into a custom-made stencil. The outline is transferred to the skin and inked.

Complex pieces require time to heal and follow up visits to add color and detail. The end result of this time-consuming process is a piece of art that is literally part of you.

Summer's End Studios is open Tuesday-Friday 9AM-7PM and Saturdays 9AM-11PM, and you can reach them by phone at 603-397-5194. Since they are a custom shop, they largely operate by appointments but do take walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis. Do yourself a favor and check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts. The photos of their work are incredible.


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