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Debbie Mueller Late Bloomer Artist

Morning Light ar the Piscataqua

Is it possible to be an accidental artist? Debbie Mueller of Durham would say yes , because she is one.

Debbie is a wife, a mother, a crafter, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist and at the age of 56 discovered she is an artist.

Debbie Mueller photo by Elise Sullivan

Debbie was raised by creative parents. Her mother is an artist and her father is a crafter. Debbie always imagined herself as taking more after her father believing that her talents and interests lay more in crafting. She pursued various hobbies such as pottery and photography and has always loved making beautiful things but painting or fine art was never a consideration.

On a family vacation in Florida to visit her parents one dismal and rainy-day Debbie found herself in need of something to do. Her mother presented her with some acrylic paints and her life changed. Debbie found herself falling in love with painting.

Her new-found passion led her on a journey to learn as much as she could about painting and fine art. She watched videos, took classes, worked with other artists, and has recently had the opportunity to be mentored by Artist Timothy Horn.

Morning Geometry

Debbie's hard work has received notice. She won first place in the Landscape category in Artist's Magazines Annual Art Competition for student artists, those with less than 6 years of painting experience. She also had a winning painting in July in Art Muse Competition's monthly on-line contest for Emerging Artists.

She began this new journey just 2 years ago and is impatient to learn more because of her late start, but Debbie knows that she just needs to keep learning and painting reminding herself it is never too late to start something new.

Just talking to Debbie about her art one can see the joy in her eyes. She truly is passionate about creating art and recognizes that talent is one part of it but knows that hard work and perseverance have played a large part. She is finally at a place where she is comfortable calling herself an artist.

Sunset on Sarah Long

Her love of painting extends to her desire to share it with others. She offers Paint Night 2.0, where someone can host a gathering in their own home, she will provide an experience where people with no painting experience can create a unique painting of their own choosing in an evening. The addition of some food and drink, and the company of friends makes this a special event. Debbie loves the idea encouraging people to try something they never thought they could do and to perhaps find something new in themselves that brings them joy.

Toward Market Square

Debbie is having Holiday Studio Sale at her home at 52 Edgewood November 17 and 18 from 11am to 5pm.

She invites you to come by and get to know her and see her artwork. There will artwork available for sale as well as greeting cards, holiday cards and a few prints.

She is offering discounts on all her original artwork, and all who visit will be entered into a raffle for a free painting. She will honor a discount on any internet sales during those days as well . You can email or message her to get the on-line reduction.

to view more of Debbie Mueller's art and to learn more about her follow the link below.


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