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The Spot: Perfect For When It's Hot

Spring has officially sprung and the weather is, dare I say, almost warm outside! There is a tiny bit of snow in the forecast for this week, but I'm ready to declare it acai (ah-sigh-ee) season!

Have you had an acai bowl yet? If not, it's time! Durham has not one, but two places that serve delicious acai bowls, including The Spot!

The base of the bowls, acai, is made of acai berries, which are small, edible, blackish-purple berries that grow on a South American palm tree. The Spot also makes bowls with a base of Pitaya, also known as Dragon Fruit, which is also indigenous to South America.

Atop the base of acai, pitaya, or both, you can add whatever delicious toppings you want: granola, coconut, berries, mango, banana, peanut butter, and more.

Acai and pitaya bowls and smoothies are marketed as a "superfood" and they are loaded with nutrients, but let's be real: they're kind of in the same family as ice cream. Nonetheless, they are a delicious frozen treat - perfect for when it's hot and you want something sweet and fruity.

According to The Spot's website, the business spawned in 2007 on Hampton Beach - the objective of the then Secret Spot was to help surfers refuel after a session in the water.

Fun fact, they were the first to import organic Brazilian acai to New England.

The Spot brought the power of the acai to UNH to provide students with the same super power. Although, I like to think the older folks​ in Durham can enjoy the benefits of an acai bowl, too!

I always order the 50/50. The base is half acai and half pitaya and I prefer it topped with raspberries, granola, and coconut. On the other hand, my husband likes to build his own, an option that leads to endless possibilities.

Visit The Spot online, follow them on Facebook, or in-person at 13 Jenkins Court in downtown Durham.

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