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A New Podcast Springs Out of Durham

Creative Guts, a podcast focused on the pursuit of creativity, has sprung out of downtown Durham. This interview-style podcast, founded by co-hosts Sarah Wrightsman (me!) and Laura Harper Lake, will explore the roots of creativity, dive into the hearts of creators, and discover how creativity connects with the world around us.

Laura and I began Creative Guts as a means of harnessing our love of connecting with creatives and getting right into the guts it takes to put your work out into the world. Art adds value to our communities. Consider everything the Main Street Makery has done to make Durham more vibrant, like the "Today I Choose" mural.

My passion for art comes from my passion for community - creators communicate so much with their art and creates space for connecting and openness. Laura is an artist 24/7. She works as a graphic designer and design adviser by day and, by night, she is interdisciplinary artist, Artful Harper. I am so lucky to call her my co-host!

Creative Guts will feature visual artists, thespians, musicians, culinary artists, choreographers, fashion designers, writers, architects, and others who pursue their creativity through their careers and lives. We've recorded about six episodes so far and early episodes feature: Rose Bryant, owner of Art Up Front Street in Exeter; Christopher Cherim, Chef de Cuisine at Botanica Restaurant and Gin Bar in Portsmouth; Lyell Castonguay and Carand Burnet of BIG INK; Linette Miles, Durham-based actress, dancer, and singer; Raphael "Bug" Bastek, musician and illustrator; Will Stewart, Executive Director of Stay Work Play; and Beth Wittenberg, a Rochester-based artist.

A Durham resident myself, I am looking forward to interviewing more Durham-based creators on the air. I can see us interviewing Sarah Grandy from the Main Street Makery or Chef Bobby Marcotte at Hop and Grind and other Durham-based artists and creators!

Find Creative Guts on Facebook and after July 3rd, you'll be able to listen to Creative Guts on all major podcast platforms!

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