Congratulations on your decision to attend the University of New Hampshire, and welcome to Durham.  An important part of your college educational experience is learning the benefits and responsibilities of becoming a Town resident. We encourage you to venture off campus and explore our businesses and public lands. We hope that you discover where your interests match with Durham’s needs to help strengthen our community. Since enrolling at UNH and moving to Durham is a big transition, we put together a list of resources to help make your move easier.

Move In day
 Where you can register to vote

  • Located at 8 Newmarket Road, the Town Hall is home to many department offices and is the meeting place for boards, committees, and commissions.


  • The Town Clerk’s Office is located on the ground floor, and is where you can register to vote. During the upcoming school year, you will have the opportunity to vote in a primary, a midterm, and a local election.  For more information on voting requirements, visit our voting information page.

  • There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that range from conservation of our public lands to economic development. They provide you with a chance to gain work experience in your major and help the community.


Fixing a walkway on The Sweet Trail
A few members of the Department
  • The Durham Police Department is here to help make your time at UNH safe and productive. Underage drinking and open containers are important issues.  They are disruptive to families in the surrounding neighborhoods and are associated with at-risk behaviors. They may result in arrest and UNH disciplinary action.


  • Please be smart and safe, and call us if you need our help.

Downtown Durham
  • While you are in Durham for the June orientation, take some time to explore the downtown. It will give you an opportunity to discover where to buy textbooks, purchase UNH apparel, and get a great cup of coffee. You'll also get a feel for your dining options and have a better idea of where to find things when you return to campus in the fall.


Enjoying a nice day downtown

Music on Main 

  • Finally,  make sure you check out the Celebrate Durham Facebook page. It has information on events in town and will also connect with a group of business owners, nonprofits, and community groups.


  • Celebrated Durham's goal is to network, promote, and foster relationships that strengthen the Durham community.  Connecting with them will provide you with an opportunity to talk local businesses. While you are at school, they can help you find employment and volunteer opportunities.

  • If you have any questions, send us an email at  We hope you have a fun and successful 2018-2019 academic year.