Volunteering to Build a Better Durham

UNH and the Town of Durham have a shared commitment to community service.  We have a variety of opportunities for you to explore your interests and gain invaluable experience, all while making a difference!

Town Of Durham

  • The Town of Durham has remarkable  conservation lands, but  maintaining  them is a challenge.  Ellen Snyder, Durham Land Stewardship Coordinator, works with volunteers to control invasive species and maintain our trails.   It's a great opportunity for students interested in ecology.  You can contact her at ellensynder1@gmail.com

  • Rachel Gasowski is Durham's Parks and Recreation Director.  She runs camps, outings, and community events.  She needs help from students to make fun community events a reality.  You can find opportunities here at the Parks and Recreation website.

  • The Town has a variety of boards, committees, and commissions.  Agriculture, Economic Development, and the Human Rights are a few examples.  If you're interested, you will need to fill out an application and have it approved by the Town Council.  A complete listing and description is available at the Durham website.  


  • Durham Nonprofits provide services for both local and international needs. 

  • The Waysmeet Center host the Cornucopia  Food Pantry.  It  offers food on a weekly basis, and currently serves around 1,500 customers a year.

  •  The Freedom Cafe of Durham is a non-profit specialty café dedicated to ending human trafficking and the commercial exploitation of all people. The café provides a collaborative space that invites the local community to take ownership and action toward a slave-free world. 

  • Friends in Action’s mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities by creating inclusive social and recreational opportunities.  All Friends in Action activities were created for everyone to have a fun social experience. As volunteers, you are joining this experience. Come ready to interact with a group of teenagers and young adults who love to talk, dance, play basketball, play games, and hang out.  To find out more go to the Friends in Action website.

  • Durham Great Bay Rotary  services Durham, Lee, Madbury and Newmarket, and is dedicated to the goals of Rotary International: building relationships, improving lives, and creating a better world.  Their motto is “think globally and act locally." They provide support to Cornucopia Food Pantry and other local areas of need.  

  • Friends for Ever International's mission is to help build a better world by utilizing our most underutilized asset: youth. FFI works with communities around the globe to build the leadership abilities of their youth from diverse backgrounds to tackle local and global issues. They offer volunteer opportunities in event planning and helping at events.

  • Celebrate Durham is a collaborative partnership cultivating a vibrant multigenerational and diverse  community . We welcome all businesses , non-profits, residents, community and campus groups.  Our goal is to network, promote, and foster events and relationships that strengthen the greater Durham community.  We meet on Wednesday mornings at 9AM.  You can find our schedule at our Facebook page.

  • St. Thomas More ‘s regional food pantry is sponsored by the St. Thomas More Parish and supported by the parish, local businesses, private benefactors and volunteers. Our mission is to extend God’s love and mercy to those in need by providing a balanced variety of foods in a welcoming, respectful and caring atmosphere.  We are located at 6 Madbury Road in the basement of the church.  The pantry is open every Thursday from 4-6 and serves over 1,000 families a year for a total of over 3,000 individuals. 


  • It is our policy to work the pantry sessions volunteers must be 18 years of age, but there are other opportunities for younger people and families to volunteer. For questions on volunteering or donating, please contact Cindy Racic, Coordinator at 603-781-0945 or email cynth95419@aol.com.