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How to Register to Vote in Durham

Voting is the most important responsibility every citizen has, and it is important to establish the habit of voting as soon as you are eligible to do so. Voting lets you help choose leaders and representatives that will speak for you and make decisions on your behalf. Every vote counts and your right to vote is the most important privilege you possess.

If the Town of Durham New Hampshire is where you sleep, then it is where you live, and it is considered your domicile. That makes you eligible to vote in Durham NH. If you are at least 18 years old and a United States citizen,  then you are eligible to vote. 

  • As a domiciled member of Durham, we welcome you to participate fully, and voting is the most important part of that aprticipation. 


  • You may register to vote in Durham at the Town Offices, located at 8 Newmarket Rd., between the hours of 8am -5pm Monday -Friday. Registration closes 10 days prior to any election, but same-day registration is allowed on Election Day .

  • The following guidelines will help you prepare and gather all the information you will need to register to vote in Durham NH.


 Remember, you need only one item from the list below. 

  •  A New Hampshire Driver’s License with your local address where you vote. For Durham voter registration that means it MUST have a DURHAM address where you live, not a PO box or a Granite Station Box.

  •  A New Hampshire vehicle registration with DURHAM address.


  • Utility bill with YOUR name and DURHAM address.


  • Government issued photo ID with a Durham address. 

  •  Government issued check, benefit statement , or tax statement , completed tax forms ,or other government forms that show your DURHAM address.

Only 1 from each category below 


Proof of age 

           * A current Drivers License  

           * A Passport or Passcard

           * A Birth Certificate.                            


  •    Driver's License from any state, US Passport, or Passcard. 

  •    Student ID 

  •    US Armed Forces ID

  •    NH Photo ID from DMV for Voting purposes



  •    US Passport or Passcard

  •    Birth Certificate

  •    REAL ID compliant Driver’s License 

  •    Naturalization Documentation

  •  A note signed by a school official, including a Resident Assistant or other person with supervisory responsibility for campus housing stating your DURHAM occupancy of said residence.


  •  A rental agreement ,lease or similar document stating the DURHAM address.


  •  Proof that you have purchased a home in DURHAM.


  • A letter from your landlord stating that the DURHAM address given is your domicile

  • If you are registering to vote MORE THAN 30 days before the next election, you MUST provide one of the above proofs of domicile to register to vote.

  • If you register WITHIN 30 days of an election or AT a POLLING PLACE on Election Day and you DO NOT have one of the above documents proving DOMICILE,  you will be expected to sign an AFFIDAVIT before you can vote ,saying that you WILL DELIVER SUCH PROOF to the Town Hall WITHIN 10 DAYS of the election either in person, by mail, or email. This is VERY important and you will be made aware of any actions for failing to do so.


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