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New Day Metaphysical

Walking up Madbury Road, maybe you noticed some yellow balloons and a sign with a sun. They signal the arrival of New Day Metaphysical to Durham. Jamie Fintonis is a nurse whose interest in jewelry design led her to make a career change. She initially traveled to craft fairs, but decided she wanted a permanent space in order to expand her repertoire. She decided that Durham was a perfect location.

The store offers an eclectic mix of jewelry, spiritual and mediation guides, crystals, home decorations, and tarot cards. It caters to both UNH students and Durham residents. The store's unifying theme is to provide tools to help change negative aspects of the future.

Jamie specializes in making jewelry, and has a large selection of pendents made of dichroic glass. They are hand-fired in a kiln and, as they cool, are given a Reiki blessing. She also carries a wide selection of rings and bracelets. Her works are eye-catching and affordable.

I have to admit, the Tarot Cards sparked the most interest in the store for me. Who doesn't want to know their future? Jamie stocks both cards and instruction books, but also does readings. She can also be booked for parties!

The picture on the left is the classic Celtic Cross Spread. Ten cards are dealt, and each one examines a different area of life. For example, the card at the bottom represents the present. By looking at how the cards are laid out and speaking with you, Jamie helps you gain insight into improving your future.

New Day Metaphysical is located at 9 Madbury Rd, and is sandwiched between Nomad's Kitchen and Durham Geeks. It's open Wednesday through Sunday 10AM-5PM, and is a great place to browse for gifts or discover your future.

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