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Chau Nguyen

Hello everyone, my name is Chau. I am from Ho Chi Minh City, or what many people know as Saigon, Vietnam. I am in senior year at UNH, majoring in Business Administration. My primary focus is Finance and Entrepreneurship Study. In addition to fluency in Vietnamese and English, I have spent the last two years working on a minor in Spanish. I am an active member of the Vietnamese Student Association and in the past, I have been the club's president.

I spent my childhood in a small province west of Ho Chi Minh City. My parents have a rubber farm, and I spent a lot of time with them when they planted and managed those trees. It is a sweaty and dirty job. Planting a tree involves manually digging a hole and then putting in the young tree. I remember how exhausted they were every time they came back home. When we planted those trees, they were a foot tall, but they have grown tall and the farm now looks like a forest. The majority of the money my parents make from the rubber farm they use to pay for my college. Since I know how hard they worked to earn it, I am highly motivated to study hard.

When I decided to attend college overseas, one of my primary concerns was campus safety. Since New Hampshire is one of the safest states for international students, UNH was a logical choice. After 3 years living in Durham, I have come to love not only UNH but also the Town of Durham. For me, New Hampshire is truly beautiful in the Fall and in the Spring. I enjoy hiking, apple picking, and traveling.

I am honored to have an opportunity to intern at Celebration Durham. I look forward to walking around the downtown and meeting with business owners. My primary responsibility as a marketing intern will be to develop a survey on the effectiveness of our social media. I will be working with businesses to administer the survey and collect data. My goal is to use the data to develop inexpensive marketing strategies that increase traffic to Celebrate Durham's social media platforms. This internship provides me with an opportunity to apply the skills I have learned at my Marketing Analysis Course.

If you see me walking around, feel free to stop me and tell me about your experiences with Durham's businesses. I look forward to publishing my findings in December. If you have any

questions or comments, please email me via:

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