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Durham Has A Bakery !

There is a bakery in town!

Over the years if you asked a local Durhamite what they would love to see downtown their answer would be a bakery! Well that wish has finally become reality.

Bakers Corner has officially opened in downtown Durham!

Bakers Corner is a locally owned shop that offers a selection of baked goods that are sure to please including donuts, pastries and bagels. They also carry Hersey Ice Cream and they offer a customized ice cream machine so you can create your own flavors. You will also find as an assortment of candies and beverages.

All of the baked goods are hand made but they are baked off site due to site restrictions. The bakery is located at the corner of Main Street and Madbury Road in a charming historical building that creates a nostalgic feel to your experience. They offer indoor seating so you can grab a sweet treat and a beverage and sit awhile.

There is plenty of parking available downtown along Main Street, Sammy's Lot and Madbury Rd. I suggest grabbing a spot further West on Main Street and take a leisurely stroll down Main Street if you have some time to soak in the charm that is our downtown. If you are feeling a bit more rushed then Sammy's Lot is a safe bet with just a short walk up Madbury Road

On you next stroll through downtown be sure to stop by and wish them a hearty welcome to Durham.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook

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