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Has Durham been invade by strange google eyed aliens? Or perhaps there is a mysterious googly eyed bearing prankster out to flummox us all . Hmmm ... your guess is as good as mine but the fact is googly eyes are popping up all over town.

Monday afternoon some pictures of googly eyes in downtown Durham popped up on Facebook . That posting counted 34 of the ever staring apertures and there is word that there may be more !

My curiosity was peaked and so I set out on my own to hunt for these ogling oculars and it did not take long for me to spot my first sighting on the back of a local building.

I asked a local business owner if he had heard of where these scrutinizing orbs had come from. His answer was "who knows". He did not appear to be bothered by there presence so I continued on my trek keeping an eagle eye out for more glimpsing ganderers.

On my quick jaunt through town I recorded 14 of the vigilant peeps and suspect there are more to be found.

Have YOU seen them as well ? Do YOU know from where these strabismal specks originate ?

Post them to Facebook

or Instagram

and tag Celebrate Durham NH

and then maybe the

Great Googly Eyed Mystery of 2019

will be solved!

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