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Student Guide to Family Weekend

UNH Family Weekend is right around the corner. This is a big opportunity for parents to check-out how their kiddos live on campus and how the school is treating them. Even if your parents and family are unable to attend, students still enjoy the weekend excitement (especially during the football game). So, what should new students know about this weekend?

Family weekend is a great time to get to know Durham! Use your visiting family as an excuse to go into town for a REAL meal (I would suggest Hop n’ Grind for a really good burger). Not to rag on the dining halls (especially since I genuinely enjoy dining hall food), but Durham has some GOOD places to eat and this is the opportunity to try them while on your parent’s dime. If burgers aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty of great places to eat at.

But Durham has more to offer than just great restaurants. Take your family to some of the shops downtown or go walk some nature trails. Use this link to find a fun activity for your family!

UNH offers several activities for visiting families including an all-you-can-eat BBQ and student performances. However, the main attraction is the football game on Saturday. Here are a few insider tips for making the most out of the game.

First, GO TO THE GAME. Almost every living soul on campus will be attending. Even if sports are not your scene, screaming with your friends and eating hot dogs is a lot of fun and you will be happy you gave it a shot.

Second, plan ahead and leave with ample time to walk to the stadium to get your seats. This rule is especially important if your parents are not visiting and can’t give you a lift in their car (if you have a car, use this link to find parking, and this link for more info on rates). Wildcat Stadium is farther away than you think, so you will want to arrive early to make sure you get your friends seats next to each other.

Third, pack light. There is not a lot of space in the student section, so leave the blankets at your dorm (plus they like to throw corn starch at games, and you don’t want to get that all over a blanket). The only things you NEED to bring are your phone (with your ticket downloaded on it- click here to learn how),a sweatshirt, and maybe some cash for food. And FYI students receive some free food (like hot dogs or pulled pork sandwiches) and a soda! Just go to the top of the student section and show the vendors your UNH ID.

Overall, family weekend is fun time and a great chance for you to showoff your campus and Durham. Take advantage of the festivities and enjoy it!

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