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What Are You Looking Forward to in 2020?

The holidays have come and gone and we're on to 2020. I know that cold, dark New Hampshire winters make it easy to be a curmudgeon, but every season has its highlights. What are you looking forward to as we move through the year? These are some things on my list:

I'll start with walking my dogs in the winter. I used to love to ski, but years of long cold chairlift rides have taken their toll. In its place, I look forward to the trek around Wagon Hill Farm. Before 10, dogs and humans are (both) allowed off leash and free to walk the loop.

If you can, get a set of microspikes for you boots. Some spots get super icy. The wind at the top of the hill can make it frigid, but the sun really warms up the area near the river. Depending on the speed of your dog, it takes about an hour to complete the whole loop.

Who doesn't like taking in a game at Fenway? Hard to believe that the Red Sox went from venerable world champs to a horror show in the span of six months. It says a lot about 2019 that my season highlight was the character race at London Stadium. I'll admit that the sign-stealing fiasco is a tough way to start this year, but if Sale and Price can bounce back, we'll be decent. Please do not trade Mookie. Entering year 21 in Loge Box 139 Row AA.

Guess I never got over school summer vacation because I look forward to it every year. New Hampshire has some greats outdoor options. Nice beaches on the coast, a variety of lakes, and great bike routes. I plan on spending as much time as possible far off the beaten path at Sunset Lake.

Hope this helped start you thinking about the possibilities for 2020. Have something cool your looking forward to this year or some suggestions for everyone else? Send me an email with your ideas and we will share it . Don't forget to include pictures.

Happy New Year from Celebrate Durham!

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